Mission Statement

Many over 50 are asking ourselves: “What happened here?” Just as we thought we had accumulated sufficient assets to sustain us in our old age, our nest eggs vanished even as our life expectancy lengthened. Folks don’t advertise their plight but believe me, they aren’t doing any better than you are. Talk privately with your friends and they, too, are hurting and dismayed. You may be behind on a credit card bill and they may be late with their mortgage. You may be worried about paying for prescription drugs and they may be worried about car payments so they can still get to work. Whether your pay check was cut or you lost your job, you were scammed by a Ponzi artist like Bernie Madoff or Alan Stamford (link to How to Start a Ponzi Scheme.), or you were already retired and saw your investment portfolio drop like a stone in value, we are all in this together.

Our goal at JoanLappin.com is to help you to find solutions to your financial problems so you can sleep better tonight and look to a happier tomorrow. The financial bubble has had a different impact on each of us so there is no “one size fits all” solution. For sure: The answers are not in the rear view mirror! They require a fresh and honest look at your situation and the current alternatives available to you. You might have to work longer. You might enjoy becoming your own boss. You may need to downsize or “rightsize” your living quarters. You may need to pare your expenses. You may need to challenge some thoughts you have long held about investing for a future in which the financial rules have been changed significantly and most likely permanently.

Beyond your financial vision, we believe Good Health is the key to the other aspects of your life. Without your health everything else is harder or impossible. It was Ben Franklin’s view that early to bed, early to rise would make a man healthy, wealthy and wise. We agree with Ben’s priorities that your health comes first in the list of what’s important. As part of our goal at Joan Lappin.com, we hope to get you moving again, eating right, staying fit so that your personal health stays fit along with your fiscal health.

WE don’t have a perfect crystal ball. What we do have are strong analytical skills, a large dollop of common sense, and extensive life experience. Our goal is to cover a wide range of topics for folks over 50 so we can help each other find insights about how to face the future. Joan Lappin invites you to join her on this path. The destination is a brighter tomorrow.

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