Tell Us Your Story

Change is hard but change can be refreshing. It's never easy to go outside our comfort zone of what we know. But there is no other way to get to a better and happier life if we don't like the one we have now. If you must start over now, allow yourself the luxury of considering something new or perhaps something old.

Maybe when you were younger you wanted to pursue a career that wasn't then possible but you never lost your dream. Maybe that job required law school, medical school or some other credential you had neither time nor money to pursue. Maybe you wanted to do something before you were 21 and parental permission was required and your parents refused. Perhaps you have turned a long held hobby into a successful business. Attached is an article about 3 people who fit one or the other of these descriptions. Each circled back after age 55 to do something they always wanted to do. The world is full of older people who have carved out a new and successful second or third career doing something they truly love and always wanted to do.

Please share your story with's community of readers. If you can condense your story into 200 words we would love to read it. We will select up to 3 submissions each week from people who have gone in a new direction after their life hit a speed bump and they were enabled by circumstance to try something new. It could be a case of "I hate my job. Anything would be better than this." Please tell us your story of success and become a role model for others and come back to see if yours is one of the ones we select to inspire others.